This year at Rucker it's all about embracing the journey. Along with the Rucker staff, the Rucker PTO is committed to ensuring your children learn the value of being kind to others by recognizing and accepting where others may be in their journey, as well as embracing their own academic, emotional, and social journeys. We can't wait to see how the kids respond to this endeavor! Knowing our Prosper kids, it's going to be fantastic!! Please join us! 


We are glad you came and thank you for investing in your children. 

It's no secret that schools with great parent, teacher and leader involvement not only succeed, but thrive! It's easy to get started, just click the button to begin your membership

for the 2017-2018 school year.

We look forward to seeing you at school.



Each Year, PTO funds are used to enhance many programs or create new experiences and educational opportunities for your children.

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